Unsafe Drinking Water Found at Thousands of Schools

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According to investigation released by the Associated Press in September 2009, the drinking water at thousands of schools across the country contains unsafe levels of lead, pesticides and dozens of other toxins. This investigation revealed contamination in both public and private schools, from small towns to large cities and in all 50 states.

The contamination was more pronounced at schools that had wells (roughly 8% to 11% of the nation’s schools). According to data provided by the Environmental Protection Agency, of those schools with wells, nearly 20% violated the Safe Drinking Water Act over the past decade.

The state with the greatest violations of contamination was California (612 violations). States also reporting high volumes of contamination violations were Ohio (451), Maine (417), Connecticut (318) and Indiana (289).

The contaminant most frequently cited was the presence of coliform bacteria. Also sited were contaminations of lead and copper, arsenic and nitrates.

It this problem is not simply isolated to the schools that have wells. Schools that get their water from public utilities showed contamination too. This was more evident with schools in older buildings. Older school buildings were more likely to have higher levels of lead concentration most.

Concerned? Most home water treatment systems like a Rayne Reverse Osmosis System will remove much of these toxins and produce healthy drinking water for our children in school. These Rayne Systems are fitted to Water Fountains and Water Coolers for public consumption applications. (Read more about this story here)


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Hunters Where in the World Would YOU Like to Go?

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Outdoor Sports Consultants is a full service agency catering to the discriminating sportsman. Over the last 30 years, we’ve been involved in countless excursions all over the world and have the contacts for any outdoor adventure you can imagine.

  • Pack your bags – We’ll handle the details!
  • All adventures are planned to meet your demands, finances, and timetables.
  • …”and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived…” Henry David Thoreau


    The continent of Africa offers the best value in any outdoor adventure available! There’s outstanding wingshooting, fishing, big game hunting and photo safaris starting at less than $150 per day. Ask about our current safari schedules now!


    There’s an unlimited variety of hunting and fishing waiting for you somewhere in North America. From the renowned Trophy Bass in Florida’s lakes to the great Brown Bear in Alaska, there is an adventure here for every sportsman.


    Billfish in Costa Rica, Sea Run Browns in Tierra del Fuego, Doves in Cordoba – the list goes on. There are Adventures abound for any outdoor enthusiast.


    For the traveler and Sportsman looking for something completely different, big game hunting, fishing and wingshooting are anywhere in the South Pacific; it’s quite another world “down under.”

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    New Jersey Legal Professionals

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    Legal Professionals

    All of the legal professionals at Salvaggio Law Group LLC devote their time exclusively to New Jersey divorce cases and other family law matters.

    * David F. Salvaggio, Esq.
    * Mariann C. Murphy, Esq.
    * Linda C. Symons
    * Dara A. Vanderhoof
    Although their backgrounds differ, they share a commitment to excellence in client service.  They work together well, because they care about the result.

    See Full Details:

    New Jersey Legal Professionals

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    Fourth Generation Management: The New Business Consciousness

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    Fourth Generation Management: Go beyond conventional wisdom and fads to an entirely new way of working. Filled with examples that show quality principles at work, this book covers everything from developing a customer focus, to using data, to rethinking performance appraisal.

    • Data Collection
    • Time Plots
    • Individual Charts
    • Flowcharts
    • Pareto Charts
    • Frequency Plots
    • Scatter Plots
    • Cause-&-Effect Diagrams
    • How To Graphs

    See Full Details:

    Oriel Incorporated Online Store

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    Stat-A-Matrix Seminars

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    Stata Offers Many Seminars in many different topics.

    • Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification – GL1Q
    • 510(k) Process for Medical Devices
    • Nuclear Quality Assurance Lead Auditor
    • Project Management Fast Track
    • Principles and Techniques of Project Management
    • Teams for Success
    • Understanding FDA’s Med Dev QSR and Understanding an ISO 13485 QMS and FDA’s Quality System Inspection Technique-ZFIF
    • Root Cause Analysis- BPSQ
    • Fundamentals of Customer Experience Management – CEMQ

    Products and Services

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